It was love at first sight...

-  “ And now… what should I do?...”

- “They look at me, take care of me and in some way I think they worry about me. I feel I am in love with them”.

These “felts” are so sensitive, tender, curious, intelligent…than even the most expert stockbreeder can be under their spell and then it can be too late to come back to a usual livestock.

alpaca "Elsa" spell

Photo: The Alpacas' spell.

Photo: Our herd and our valley, Llanos de Penagos.

Alpacas' herd in cantabria - Spain

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Coloured alpacas, Creamy and brown

We are new breeders and we are in Llanos de Penagos.We have decided to break the molds about livestock but respecting the nature and our neighbours who have lived here for so many years.

We want to start a new livestock in our lovely Valles Pasiegos.We want to breed our Alpacas and use their valuable fibre so we are very grateful to all those people who have been interested in this project and have given us their support in this new challence.


Now we are going to be neighbours we think it will be a good idea to spend some time together . Contact us: