It all started from…

- "Alpacas".  – Paco claimed thoughtfully letting all the room in silence..

- "What´s that?" – Pilar asked after some minutes thinking about this word.

Honestly ,I didn´t know what they were until my husband had the idea of breeding them in our farm.Alpacas... well, we were in the middle of both a worldwide economical crisis and a particular crisis with not so much money saved , many doubts about our professional future and of course, a lot of ignorance about the alpacas´ issue. 

Then we started the researches, the consults, the visits to other farms,  the courses, the talks with several breeders and the trips.herd of Alpacas, wool ecological

Breeding Alpacas in SpainNow I am sure and totally convinced it is not a crazy thing to bring the Alpacas into Cantabria but what is a really crazy thing is to convince the people of the benefits of bringing a new specie, improving our breeding, opening a new market and stopping thinking we have it is the only one.Above all, that our fields and farms go on being used and do not let them overgrown because of the shortage of stockbreeding.