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Alpacas de la Tierruca...   Spanish Version

Alpacas in Llanos de Cantabria, Spain

A new twist on traditional farming in Spain, we have created a new farm. Alpaca ranching, this is our new challenge ALPACAS DE LA TIERRUCA. And the best way to start is by knowing these animals. 

When I arrived to this Tierruca (loving name given to Cantabria) from Madrid I felt lonely and insignificant but when a Cantabro man fulfilled my life and taught me to feel ,look and understand this word ...everything changed.

Maybe it was because of the landscape,its locals,its quietness or maybe it was because after going all over the village the road ended here. First we bought the farm and worked hard on it then we had the house built and now we have decided to increase the “family” with the Alpacas.

  Alpacas de la tierra región de Cantabria - Santander - los llanos


Find out at alpaca's blog latest experiencies and all about the care of Alpaca. blog - living with Alpacas.

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